Flag Sleeve - Plastisol Liquid Iron On

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Do you ROCK the stars and bars on every shirt you wear? Well do we have the product for you. Our Flag Sleeve Plastisol Liquid Iron Ons allow you to slap Old Glory onto every shirt you own! When heated to the proper temperature our Plastisol Liquid Iron Ons magically liquify and grab on to your shirt just like the Professional Silk Screen process. This is nothing like that cheap vinyl you see everyones Grandma cutting out... this is real plastisol without all the mess and cleanup!

Do you like the fit of a certain shirt but aren't fully happy because it doesn't have the 50 Stars and 13 bars? WELL WAIT NO LONGER!!! Grab your very own Flag Sleeve Plastisol Liquid Iron Ons Today!!!

Every Order comes with a transfer barrier sheet with instructions and some extra sleeve glory in the form of "But Did You Die?, If Found Dead Delete My Internet History, In My Defense I Was Left Unsupervised, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and many More!"

Instructions: House Hold Iron (Temperature High, Pressure High and 10-12 seconds) Commercial Heat Press (Temperature 325 degrees, Pressure Medium and 8-10 seconds)